Why Consider Cravello Insurance?

Wonder why your insurance premiums keep going up and up?

This is Billie Jo Cravello with Insurance Savvy and one of the first questions I ask my prospective clients is “Are you taking any expensive, well-advertised medications?” One recent caller’s response was, I don’t understand that question, I have a $5 co-pay. The caller may only pay $5 co-pay but guess who’s paying the balance? We, the consumer, with higher premiums.

Prescriptions are the #1 inflated expense for insurance companies.
Here’s some food for thought. Though very simplistic thinking, I generally place prescriptions in one of two categories. “Life-sustaining” or “feel good” drugs.
With drug companies spending billions on advertising the benefits of these wonder drugs it is important to know exactly who’s footing the bills. Also, ask yourself the question “Who prescribed my last medication, TV or my physician?” I also suggest you discuss generics with your doctor. You will save on co-pays and possibly help control companies will.

Generally, Health Insurance plans include a prescription benefit requiring that you to satisfy a separate deductible and co-pay putting some of the responsibility back on us, the consumer.
Health insurance companies don’t have the option of canceling your policy because you take too many prescriptions. Consequently, the insurer considers the risk before approving an application. Be sure you know what your medical records tell about you because the insurance company is very interested.
Insurers consider medications as well as the conditions for which they’re prescribed. Taking those designer drugs just may cause you problems down the road when attempting to enhance your existing plan, change carriers, or worse yet, may render you uninsurable.
This is Billie Jo Cravello. I can help you, call me at (805) 928-7372