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About To Become Eligible for Medicare?

There are some important things you may need to know.
When shopping for a medicare supplement, be sure to read the booklet called Guide to Medicare mailed to you from Social Security which addresses this issue.

There are many companies and plans from which to choose.  For the most part, these plans are standardized and regardless of the company you select the plan will mirror the same plan offered by a competitor.

Understanding how a medi-gap, or medicare supplement works can make your shopping trip a little easier.

Considering lifestyles, health habits, etc, can have a definite effect on your decision when considering the right medicare supplement for you. Understanding what Part A and Part B mean & do will give you the ability to make an educated decision regarding your needs.

Each part of Medicare is funded differently and has different deductibles. When a provider accepts a medicare assignment, that doctor is willing to accept medicare’s approved charges as payment of medicare’s share. However, some doctors & specialists do not accept medicare assignments and this
can create an additional expense for you once medicare has paid its share of a claim.

The balance, or excess Part B, charges are your responsibility and how that gets paid depends upon the medi-gap plan you purchase.

There are several standardized plans from which to choose and more innovative plans on the horizon.

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